Barracks II

Each inmate was supplied with a cot to sleep on. A few camps had stoves for heat but with no insulation, this proved futile. Camps were broken into a series of blocks which contained 12 barracks each. Each block had one mess hall to eat, one public wash for laundry, and two public restroom and shower facilities, one for men and one for women

"None of the barracks had inner walls. Sheet rock is what our barracks were made of as opposed to the tar paper and lumber. Our barracks had a double roof to keep the heat off because it got very hot in the desert in Arizona. All our rooms had our own doors, in other words, the end barracks had there own doors and the units in between had their own doors. Each one room only. Our room was large enough to house five people, it was 20 feet by 20 feet. I remember the barracks was raised off the ground about two to three feet because we had to climb the stairs to get to the floor level. Since we had a boy and girl in the family we had a sheet to separate the boys and girls within our own family. I recall there was a small stove for heating." (Hitoshi S.)

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