Japanese American Summaries on the Net, or the JASON project, is a web site that was created to explore the Japanese American Concentration camp experience through the use of oral histories and comic strips from camp. Students are encouraged to explore their own life as they journey through the experiences of former inmates. Through this juxtaposition of events, participants will gain an understanding of this uniquely American experience. Discussion of contemporary media and their use of imagery is another topic which should be considered.

Course Objectives
-To develop a personal understanding of oneself within the context of a diverse society.
-To gain a larger understanding of the Japanese American Concentration camp experience.
-To be able to speak candidly about injustice and civil rights within today’s environment.
-To expose students to the wide range of issues related to diversity.

Instructional Content
-Self esteem
-Respect for others ideas
-Thinking curriculum

The JASON project educational initiative brought together Japanese Americans incarcerated during World War II with high school students from different ethnic backgrounds. Together, they have helped to create this web site that tells the day to day stories of life in camp.

The personal accounts from actual inmates are connected to actual comic strips from camp newspapers. Comic strips are used because of their ability to communicate honestly and immediately the feelings of that time. They provide a deeper insight of the experiences as well as reflect the optimism and hope of Japanese Americans who experienced this great loss of their own personal civil liberties.

This web site is dedicated to the memory of Chris Ishii, one of the artists from camp that helped me in developing this web site. His work in camp helped to bring normality to the lives of many utilizing his artistic talents and humor. His influence is present in our lives today.