Many Japanese Americans who were incarcerated in camp still wanted to serve their country by joining the armed services. Together with Japanese Americans from Hawai'i, they fought galantly in both the European and Pacific Theatres. The 100th /442nd is the most highly decorated military unit for its size and time in Army history. The MIS is credited for helping to shorten the war in the Pacific thus saving countless lives.

"I was attending the University of Denver in June of ’44 and a draft notice came to me. I was to graduate in about five weeks so I asked for a deferment and they said report in ten days. So I went to the dean and asked him if I could take my finals there at that time. They discouraged me because if I flunk it gets on my permanent record, but I didn’t care. So they allowed me to take it and the following morning I reported to the Army." (Hitoshi S.)