at a newspaper printed today. Go through the various sections and note the use of comics throughout the paper. Select one.

In what section did you find them?
Who was this comic created for?
Are there related print articles near this comics?

Comics and artistic imagery are used by newpapers to provide greater insight into important issues.

What/how does the comic add to the story?
How does this help your understanding of the story?
What issues are important to you?

Take an article from a newspaper you feel is important. Take the worksheet and create a comic that illustrates your point of view about the article. This can be a drawing or collage using pencils, glue and recycled paper. Display this work of art alongside the article that it was created for.

It is important that when you create this art work, to think about and respect how the indivuals involved might feel. The key is to be sympathetic and not just be humorous.

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