This project was made possible with support from the CALIFORNIA CIVIL LIBERTIES PUBLIC EDUCATION PROGRAM (CCLPEP). Thanks to Diane Matsuda, Lisa Turgeon and the rest of her staff for their guidance and support while doing this project.

Special credit goes out to the artists who created much of the comics while incarcerated in America's concentration camps. Their belief in the power of art and humor helped to make this situation bearable for many who were in camp. Thanks to artists Chris Ishii, Jack Ito, Roy Kawamoto, Harry Kuwada, and Don Shigaki.

There are many people still alive today who have shared their personal experiences from camp as part of this project. Without them, the web site would be lacking the primary source materials that are vital for a clearer understanding of the events that transpired. Thank you to Rumi Uragami, Buddy Takata, and Hitoshi Sameshima. Special thanks to Robert Uragami for his support and guidance in helping to shape this project.

More thanks to students at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts who helped to shape the content of the site and provide perspective on what might work best for students. Site developers include Justin Buendia, Wyatt Baird, Ica Coyne, Turner Lange, Micah Davis-Wheeler. And thanks to Joe Gatto for his support of this project as dean of the visual arts department. Thanks also to Japanese American National Museum Staff Masaki Miyagawa for technical support.

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Clement Hanami