1790 Naturalization Act of 1790 limits right if becomeing a naturalized citizen to "free white persons."

1885 First legal contract laborers from Japan arrive in the Kingdom of Hawai'i.

1908 Gentlemen's agreement between U.S. and Japan results in restrictions of further Japanese Immigration.

1913 California passes Alien Land Law, prohibiting "aliens ineligible to citizenship" from owning land.

1924 U.S. Congree passes the Asian Exclusion Act of 1924, ending further immigration from Japan.

1941 November The President and Secretary of State reveive the secret Munson Report which finds that Japanese Americans exhibit a high degree of loyalty to the U,S,

1941 December 7 U.S. Naval Base at Pearl Harbor, HI, attacked by Japan; Hawaii placed under martial law.

1941 December 8 Issei (first generation Japanese Americans) leadership in Hawaii and the Mainland rounded up by local authorities and the Federal Bureau of Investigation; U.S. declares state of war exists with Japan.

1942 February 18 Executive Order 9066 authorizes the military to exclude persons from military areas without trial or hearings.

1942 March 2 Western Defense Command proclaims California, Oregon, and Washington as Military Areas Numbers 1 and 2.

1942 March 11 Wartime Civil Control Administration (WCCA) established under to supervise evacuation.

1942 March 18 Executive Order 9012 establishs the War Relocation Authority to operate permanent detention camps.

1942 March 27 Curfew orders given from Military Area No. 1.

1942 May 26 All Nisei (second generation Japanese Americans) infantry battalion, later becoming the 100th Infantry Battalion, is formed in Hawaii.

1942 Jun 5 Evacuation of all Japanese Americans from the Pacific Coast into WCCA assembly centers completed.

1942 October 30 Transfer of Japanese Americans from assmbly centers to internment camps completed

1943 January 28 Plans for an all Nisei combat unit, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team announced.

1943 February 8 WRA begins administering a loyalty questionaire in all the internment camps. 1944 Nisei eligibility to the draft is restored.

1944 October 19 Martial law in Hawaii ends.

1944 December 18 U.S. Supreme Court decides Korematsu v. United States, which upholds the constitutionality of the exclusion process, and Ex Parte Endo, which finds that the WRA cannot detain U.S. civilians of proven loyalty.

1945 January West Coast resettlement restrictions on Japanese Americans lifted.

1946 March 20 Last of the concentration camps, Tule Lake, closed.

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