Education III

"They had an open period in home economics, and they didn’t want to waste the teacher’s time or anything so the home economics teacher came to the library cause that was a free period. The teacher announced that they were going to start a home economics class for everybody. The average guy says, man that’s for girls. But all the yogore guys said hmmm, if we take home economics, we get to eat what we cook, you know, and it won’t be camp food. So all of us guys joined home economics and made pies and stuff that we never got in the mess hall. And hot chocolate, you know, we had the typical food again. It was real funny because here was all these yogore boys in home economics and the first thing they made us do was sew an apron. But everybody really enjoyed the class. It was really funny in that the teacher taught it formally where they said, ok, today we'll do a setting for breakfast, you know, how you set the coffee, and were saying, what the heck do we need this kind of information for, locked up in camp." (Robert U.)

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