Education II

"In camp when you start running around with your peers, if you use a two-bit word you know they cut you low, like why you use such fancy words and so they would cut you down to the lowest common denominator. But anyway, this one teacher in class realized that speech and everything was getting bad, too much slang and everything, and so she decided that even though this was a general history class she was going to incorporate a little bit of public speaking. She noticed the guys would kind of balk at it either being shy or didn’t want to be ridiculed from their peers so she devised a deal where she put the microphone in the hallway and the loudspeaker would be in the classroom and that way the speaker didn’t have eye to eye contact with his buddies. So this one guy gets up there and starts making his speech and he starts making a mistake and he realized he made a mistake and he says 'ah hell!' Then he realized he was cussing over the personal address system in the room and he says 'ah #@&%!'" (Robert U.)

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