Everyone in camp ate at the mess halls. There was one mess hall for every block. Food was government issued and there was no formal training for cooks. People were hired within the camps to work in the kitchens. Quality of food varied depending on the cooks you had and how resourceful they could be. Eventually, many camps supplemented there food supply with home grown products grown in camp.

"Our chief cook was exceptionally good. All the provisions are the same for every mess hall, and what you ate was a result of how good or how bad your cook was. Mr. Saito was our chief cook. From the main warehouse they would bring a hundred pounds of potatoes and the menu is written up by the administration. And it’s mashed potatoes... Mr. Saito would save some potatoes for the young folks and make potato chips. That was extra work for him but he knew that the young folks enjoyed potato chips since you couldn’t go to the store and buy potato chips. Mr. Saito used to do things like that." (Robert U.)

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