Food II

"Amache had its own chicken farm and when they would get a bumper crop of eggs, the administration would use nothing but what was available so you would have eggs in the morning, eggs in the afternoon and eggs at night. That’s where Mr. Saito would try and change the menu. Still had the same amount of eggs but tried to prepare it differently. I didn’t recall eating the same egg three times a day even though it was eggs." (1)

More eggs

"People from the Merced area used to think the city people got better food then they did. See country people are used to cooking real plain food, right, but our cook wasn’t too good. Every day we had this dried shrimp with eggs. We had Egg Fu-yung at lunchtime every day for weeks on end with this dried shrimp. And for the longest time, I couldn’t eat Egg Fu-yung after camp." (Rumi U.)

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