Still from the video classic"Always"

It is August 6, 1945, in the next few seconds, a whole city and its inhabitants will be wiped off the face of the earth. Hundreds of thousands of people, right or wrong, will come to suffer the consequences of this infamous day. What will happen to all the atomic bomb survivors in Hiroshima? Will this horrendous event lead to atomic warfare throughout the world? Always is the true life story of one person who was there and lived to tell about it. An atom bomb survivor who turns around this tragic life experience into one of love and courage for her family.

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Set in the suburbs of Los Angeles, Teresa struggles to adjust to her new life in the United States. The story weaves its way through the miseries of war and the nightmares of ground zero beyond to the turmoils and struggles that many immigrants encounter when they migrate to the United States. Her life stories will carry us to the next level of understanding and compassion for all people. Always illustrates the challenges that all people encounter as they become Americans and how dignity of the human spirit is a universal trait we must cherish in all people if we hope to take this land of ours to the next level of greatness. Rated general for all audiences. Available for checkout at most Los Angeles Public Libraries.

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