Something was definitely wrong. There was only the thunderous sound of buzzing electricity and the chaotic, snowy blur of static. As I neared the corner, I could see a wooly mammoth of a man crouching on his knees, as if praying to god, behind the box which was emitting all this racket. In front of his face on the floor was a small square mirror. He seemed to be spying on what the actual cause of all this noise was. As if receiving a signal from the frequencies which were being transmitted, the man reached inside to grab what appeared to be a long glass tube. His hand slowly, carefully, surrounded this bulbous thing and began to apply pressure equally to all sides. With the swiftness of a viper, he yanked it out and the room that once seemed to be vibrating suddenly came to an immediate halt.

"Racist joke scene from Peach Boy"

There I sat in anticipation, wondering, waiting. What would become of our beloved television set. Waiting, watching a screen full of snow with periodic flashes of images. Watching, waiting. Suddenly, the television provided a recognizable image. The screen was once again full of color and life. Images moved here and there, and back again. Slowly, my life was starting to return to normal.

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Based on the classic folktale from ancient Japan, this exciting adventure will take you on a journey of a lifetime. Watch as the daring young boy, Peach, gets ridiculed by the neighborhood kids. See his carefree youth be soiled and turned into one of shame and hate. That is until he is in the comfort and safety of his home and in front of his favorite television set. Once there, he will enter Pleasure Island where all of his societal problems are played out before him dramatically in living color. Peach will travel to exotic places near and far. He will become the greatest of great and the bravest of brave people, and live to tell about it, bringing untold fame and fortune to his humble family and community.

Peach Boy, a heartwarming story sure to please the whole family. A classic for any home video collection. Rated G for general audiences. Coming to a video store near you.

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